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Ricardo's Collisions

(Sledge House Media, 2021)

Genre: Fiction Romance Suspense; Spicy Adult Content

The Desire Family Saga: Part One (Book 1) 

Years after disappearing from Brooklyn, disgraced businessman Ricardo Desire is found dead in his home.


A glimpse of Ricardo’s past reveals a salacious love triangle and double life. In the aftermath of his death, the lives of those he knew begin to unravel. 

Olena Jackson is the detective assigned to the high-profile case, and the more she digs, the more lies and bodies she uncovers. 

Although Ricardo is gone, for the people left behind, the collision course is just getting started. 

Andre's Confessions picks up where Ricardo's Collisions The Desire Family Saga: Part One (Book 1) ends. 


Ricardo's Collisions Trailer

Reader Reviews

"I enjoyed the multiple perspectives of the story, which kept me guessing until the end.
As each "part" began, I found myself piecing together what role in the story the specific narrator played. But proved myself incorrect every time. The "Collisions" in this book are explosive and you will never guess how it ends. Looking forward to the next chapter in this series, Great read!"

Amazon Reader - Andre O. 

"Ricardo's Collision was a fantastic book! It captures your attention in the beginning of the book and keeps your attention with twists and turns that you never see coming! It has action, mystery and of course sultry romance! I couldn't put this book down and I am so excited for the next book in the series! I need to find out what happens next with the characters! They left us with a cliff hanger! The authors are amazing writers!"

Amazon Reader - Alysia Portner

"Exciting, drama filled book with characters that leave strong initial impressions. My empathy, trust and judgment were all challenged throughout the read."

Amazon Reader - TK5456

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