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The Story of Christina and I

Non-Fiction Memoir | 2021 

Two roses blossomed from the concrete jungle.


Led by destiny, here is the true love story of two Brooklyn high school sweethearts as they navigate life and love.


One was encircled by poverty, crime, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The other was raised by a tight-knit family, filled with joy and supportive mentors.

Eddie, from Flatbush and Canarsie, tries to survive in his drug and crime-ridden neighborhood, while Christina is from Crown Heights, destined for higher education and success, though she struggles to stay focused on her plan to achieve her dreams. 

Eddie and Christina continue to unknowingly cross paths and finally begin their enduring love story. Their love is so powerful that they can conquer every obstacle they encounter and turn it into success.

A real-life urban fairy tale that compels you to find out how they finally get to their happily ever after…

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