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The Story of Christina and I

(Sledge House Media, 2021) Genre: Non-fiction Memoir

Two roses blossomed from the concrete jungle.


Led by destiny, here is the true love story of two Brooklyn high school sweethearts as they navigate life and love.


One was encircled by poverty, crime, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The other was raised by a tight-knit family, filled with joy and supportive mentors.

Eddie, from Flatbush and Canarsie, tries to survive in his drug and crime-ridden neighborhood, while Christina is from Crown Heights, destined for higher education and success, though she struggles to stay focused on her plan to achieve her dreams. 

Eddie and Christina continue to unknowingly cross paths and finally begin their enduring love story. Their love is so powerful that they can conquer every obstacle they encounter and turn it into success.

A real-life urban fairy tale that compels you to find out how they finally get to their happily ever after…


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Reader Reviews 

"Christina & Edward, I am so glad you wrote The Story of Christina and I. I enjoyed exploring your life with you. 

Thank you for sharing your book" - Nikki Giovanni 

"In matters of the heart - in what some term as romance. We need more success stories. More stories about successful partnerships, marriages and co-parentage. We need to tell and hear true stories about where WE are from. I met Christina & Edward Sledge, it was an incredibly dark time. It was a time of the dark parts of the concrete we used to say we loved. We still do love. I met them in a place I have gone thrice since. When we reconnected, this time in success, not grief, they presented to me this book about love. Their love. It is a true NYC story. A Brooklyn Story, A Crown Heights joint. Pick it up. Thank you to all of the roses that grew despite the concrete, and those who have thrived because of it."

 - Victorious De Costa, Film Director, Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn

"I highly recommend this book! It is an inspirational love story of two individuals destined to be together, all the while, persevering through all of life's obstacles thrown their way. I enjoyed reading this book and found it to be a true testament to what is meant to be, will be."


"This is a modern day romance for the ages. During this book you will go through these lovers journeys to becoming a power couple, and experience right alongside them, the ups and downs and shocking moments that led them to their truest love."


"This book was an inspiration. I love the contrast between Eddie and Christina. It kept me wanting more.

I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks that they cannot beat the odds."


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