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A Day at Shea

Children's Book | 2024 | Ages 4 - 11

"All she wanted was to go to a baseball game"

Heartwarming and inspiring. Chris loves baseball. She's from Brooklyn, NY, and dreams of seeing her favorite team play in Queens. Chris finally gets her wish, but when no one can take her, with determination and grit she figures out a way.


A Day at Shea reminds us to dream big! The simple act of going to a baseball game can positively impact a child's life. ❤️

A Day at Shea is based on the co-author, Eddie Sledge's true story of going to his first baseball game by himself to see Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden play at Shea Stadium when he was nine years old. The story has been reimagined with his wife, Chris, as the main character. 

A Day at Shea Book Cover with African-American girl with a blue baseball cap, white tishirt and denim shorts with orange sneakers infront of Shea Stadium
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