Our Story

Vision and Purpose: Sledge House Media is a multi-platform media company created to share diverse and compelling stories that highlight relationships, unique perspectives, and experiences.

Mission: Share with the world fiction books, non-fiction books, TV shows, films,  audio, and digital projects that share diverse and compelling stories.  

What Makes Us Unique? Married for twenty-two years, we are a husband and wife writing, publishing, and production team. Additionally, all of our books are 200 pages or less to reach readers that are limited on time. 

"We started our marriage with only two quarters. In the beginning, we were a military family which required us to navigate and learn how-to balance military obligations while raising a family. Also, at one point in our marriage, we both were unemployed.

Those early struggles taught us resilience. When obstacles come our way now, we dust ourselves off and keep moving. When more than one obstacle comes in our path, we just tackle each one at a time. We realized that we can survive anything."

We hope that our projects entertain, educate or encourage audiences.

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Christina Sledge, M.T.A., CMP 

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Filmmaker

Director / Producer / Entertaining Expert

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Christina holds a B.B.A. in Computer Science from Temple University and an M.T.A. in Event Management from The George Washington University. Christina is a believer in lifelong learning and has completed studies at Harvard University, New York University (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts, Savannah State University, Syracuse University, and the University of Georgia. She enjoys cooking, entertaining at home, and implementing a project from idea to execution. 

"My love of books, films and television started in early childhood. Visiting our local library in Brooklyn and watching the T.V. program Reading Rainbow sparked my interest in reading.  To have the opportunity to now develop and create our books, film and T.V. projects is awe inspiring."

- Christina 

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Edward Sledge, Jr., M.S.

Co-Founder, Chief Writer, Filmmaker

The Storyteller / Historian / Scholar

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Edward is a United States Army veteran and holds a B.S. in history from Georgia Southern University and a M.S. in Social Science from Towson University. Edward is a historian and published his graduate thesis on the media's impact on race riots, The Birth Of The Death Of A Nation: 1917-1921 The Media’s Role In Three Race Riots. He enjoys sports, creating characters, and telling their stories.  

"I gained an interest in reading after watching Nikki Giovanni recite poetry about African-American history. That experience ignited my love of history and learning. I have also been an avid movie goer and now I get to write books, screenplays, and scripts" - Edward


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