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Two roses that blossomed from the concrete jungle. Led by destiny, here is the true love story of two Brooklyn high school sweethearts as they navigate life and love.


The winter holiday season always calls for celebrations. It’s the most wonderful time of year for entertaining at home. Christina gives you her tips for planning for this festive time of year. Her favorite comfort food recipes and holiday cocktails are nostalgic and whimsical.

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After facing a murder charge, Detective Andre Brown is now a fugitive on the run. He does everything it takes to survive and go unnoticed. With one goal in mind, he comes face to face with several  life or death decisions.


Marriage and Relationship Series:
Part 2

Coming Soon

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Years after disappearing from Brooklyn, disgraced businessman Ricardo Desire is found dead in his home. Although Ricardo is gone, for the people left behind, the collision course is just getting started. 


An inspiring and intimate essay about marriage.
Christina and Edward provide a glimpse of their journey and what they learned over their 21 year marriage. They cover their commitment, partnership and marriage philosophy. It's a sweet look inside their endearing story.

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The Desire Family Saga: Part 3

Coming Soon

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Marriage and Relationship Series 
Part 3

Coming Soon

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