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Andre's Confessions - Audiobook

(Sledge House Media, 2023)

Genre: Romantic Mystery; Suspense Adult Content

Narrated by: ChuiMalik

Length: 3 hrs and 38 mins


The Desire Family Saga: Part Two


After facing a murder charge, Detective Andre Brown is now a fugitive on the run. He does everything it takes to survive and go unnoticed. With one goal in mind, he comes face to face with several life-or-death decisions.


Inching closer to the truth, his reality sets in, and his past comes back to haunt him. 


Hot on his trail, Detective Olena Jackson is pulled into a tailspin of Detective Brown's consequences and ultimately his confessions.

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Engaged on Christmas Eve - Audiobook

(Sledge House Media, 2023)

Genre: Romantic Comedy; Christmas Second Chance Romance

Narrated by: Joy Johnson

Length: 3 hrs and 12 mins



Christmas is a magical time for love and second chances. For the people of New York City, there is a spark that energizes folks to celebrate the holiday season. From the Radio City Christmas Spectacular to ice skating at Rockefeller Center, New York City was where Kristin and Evan fell in love with each other for the first time.

Celebrating Christmas brought them together, and now four years later, they have a second chance at capturing love again. ❤️

Follow them as they get engaged on Christmas Eve.

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Ricardo's Collisions - Audiobook

(Sledge House Media, 2022)

Genre: Romantic Mystery; Suspense Adult Content

Narrated by: ChuiMalik

Length: 3 hrs and 56 mins


The Desire Family Saga Part One

Years after disappearing from Brooklyn, disgraced businessman Ricardo Desire is found dead in his home.


A glimpse of Ricardo’s past reveals a salacious love triangle and double life. In the aftermath of his death, the lives of those he knew began to unravel. 

Olena Jackson is the detective assigned to the high-profile case, and the more she digs, the more lies and bodies she uncovers. 

Although Ricardo is gone, the collision course is just starting for the people left behind. 

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Do It For You - Audiobook

(Sledge House Media, 2022)

Genre: Self-Help; Motivational

Narrated by: Jeanne Giddens

Length: 14 mins


Do you have a goal but don’t know where or how to start? Have you procrastinated for far too long on a goal you want to accomplish? So many times, we lose sight of our goals because we may become distracted and forget why we are working on them.

In this essay, Christina provides a 4-step simple guide to help you design a plan to accomplish your goals.


Do It For You!

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Holiday Entertaining with Christina: Audiobook

(Sledge House Media, 2021)

Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine; Entertaining & Holiday Cooking

Narrated by: Debbie Soelter

Length: 24 mins


From best-selling author and entertaining aficionado Christina Sledge comes her book with tips for planning for this festive time of year. 

The winter holiday season always calls for celebrations. It’s the most wonderful time of year for entertaining at home. Her favorite comfort food recipes and holiday cocktails are nostalgic and whimsical. 

Full of eye-catching photos and delicious recipes, sure to captivate your guests at your holiday parties.

‘Tis the season to entertain!

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*This book is not sponsored, recommended, or endorsed by Amazon
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